Brezza d’Estate

Hello and welcome to the official site of Brezza d’Estate holiday homes and panoramic pool. Located on the western coast of Sicily, in Valderice in the province of Trapani, we are the ideal place for family holidays and trips with groups of friends.

Just 10 minutes’ drive from the sea, away from the chaos and stress of the more well-known touristy towns in the area, the Brezza d’Estate holiday homes are the ideal place for those looking for a slow-paced holiday experienced like a local rather than as a tourist. It’s the place for those looking for unique experiences and encounters on their travels in Sicily.

I am Sergio, and together with my brother Sandro and the rest of the Mazzara family we have been taking  care of Brezza d’Estate’s guests since 2009. From the initial request for information up until the day of your departure, we are here to help you through the booking process and holiday planning, sharing our knowledge of the area which we call home, advising you on the attractions not to be missed and those to be avoided, to make sure you have a memorable stay and an unforgettable holiday.

Let us tell you why the Brezza d’Estate holiday homes in Valderice (Trapani) are different from other accommodations in the area, and why according to our guests you should choose us for your holiday in Western Sicily

Why you should choose the Brezza d'Estate holiday homes:

1) For the LOCATION- Valderice has a central position and the homes are located on a hill facing the deep blue sea of the Gulf of Bonagia, embraced by both Mount Erice and Mount Cofano. From our panoramic POOL and from the terraces and communal areas of the apartments you can bask in the sun and enjoy one of Sicily’s most beautiful panoramas, a scene that is lit up in red at sunset.

2) For the ever present REFRESHING BREEZE which blows in from the sea, bringing with it the inebriating scent of jasmine, mint and rosemary from the garden into the homes. Sleeping in a cool environment,which leaves you well rested without always needing to turn on the air conditioning, will give you the energy you need for your days spent at the beach or out discovering the local area. If by the evening you are feeling tired and don’t want to go out, you can always enjoy fresh fish grilled on the barbecue, or order in some take out and dine in comfort al fresco under the veranda or in the garden.

3) To experience the ENCHANTING and unique BAGLIO, a rural stone building typical of feudal Sicily dating back to 1750 and brought back to life in 2011 after a careful and considered restoration. Sleeping in the cool bedrooms of the rustic interior- decorated with historical items from its agricultural past- experiencing the courtyard, and the ancient stone walls which enclose it, while watching the play of light and shade that takes place through the day, will transport you back in time to a slower-paced past that will instill itself in you during your holid.

4) For the AMENITIES and spacious interiors and exteriors of our family apartments.
Thanks to the free car park for cars and motorbikes, you don’t need to worry about your hire vehicle, limited traffic zones, parking passes or parking meters.
The equipped laundry room makes longer stays and holidays with children easier to manage.

In our apartments you can sleep in without worrying about the need to vacate the room for housekeeping. You can enjoy breakfast taking advantage of your fully equipped kitchen and the spacious outdoor areas, enabling you to revel in the relaxed family life which so often is absent during the normal daily grind.

About Us, how it all started and where it's going…

It all began one sunny, spring Sunday in the mid 80s.

During a walk in the countryside near his home, Giuseppe’s attention came to rest upon the ruins of a baglio, an old abandoned farmhouse at the top of a hill surrounded by fruit trees. It was one of the many fortified buildings, with their characteristic thick stone walls and central courtyard, that can still be found dotted around the Sicilian countryside. Mostly built during the time of the island’s Spanish domination,  they were used to cultivate the land of the bourgeoisie and aristocracy of the period.

Giuseppe stopped for a moment to look at the sea from the site of those old stones and swayed by the warm spring sunshine and scent of the wildflowers, his mind began to muse “how wonderful it would be if this place were to come alive once more…”

The springs came and went and that initial  dream, still not yet fully defined, little by little transformed into an idea to give a new life and purpose to those silent stones- to share the sense of peace they gave him with other people.

Along his journey, the spark of the dream, which Giuseppe wanted to share with his family was further stoked by chance meetings and opportunities which were seized. Slowly but surely the dream became an ever more defined project, until one day, in spite of the difficulties that presented themselves, it finally took shape.

And so it was that in July 2009, when the residence was completed, that Sergio, one of his sons, decided “Brezza d’Estate” (Summer Breeze) was the apt name to give it. Apt, because in spite of the heat that summer and the weariness resultant of the preceding months’ preparations, there was always a fresh sea breeze present which made everything more pleasant and bearable. 

From that day forth Sergio and his brother Sandro decided to embrace the new challenge ahead. Supported by Giuseppe and mamma Rosa, they have worked to turn Brezza d’Estate into a welcoming place for their guests. It is a place from which to explore a different side of Sicily, one still far from the clutches of mass tourism that still holds links to its agricultural past. A place though, which looks towards a sustainable future, and which holds the local area and genuine human connection at its heart. A place in which two realities, the old of the baglio and the new of the residence live harmoniously, side by side.

It was this, above all, which led Sergio to soon understand that it would require a lot of dedication, and that there would no longer be time for their own summers. Meeting new people from different places and walks of life however, is another interesting way to ‘travel’, and when it comes down to it, the sea in Sicily in the autumn is not at all bad…